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The Greatest Show on Earth


Verasage Downunder Symposium November 2019

OK slight exaggeration maybe; although not nearly as exaggerated as "we capture time" and "my time recording is accurate, transparent and ethical". Nonetheless, next week will showcase the greatest collection of the most courageous and innovative game-changers and thought leaders from the professions.

More than 120 professionals from all over Australia and around the world will assemble for VeraSage Downunder 2019 next week in Melbourne.

The week kicks off next Tuesday 12 November with the Innovim Group's "Transforming Your Firm" full day Seminar followed by the 2 Day VeraSage Symposium in Geelong on Thursday 14 & Friday 15 November.

My fellow partners in The Innovim GroupLiz Harris, David Wells and I, together with Australian VeraSage Practising Fellow Matthew Burgess, are so pleased to welcome to Australia VeraSage co-founders Dan Morris and Justin Barnett along with Fellows Tim WilliamsPaul Dunn and Ed Kless.

Each of these international presenters plus our line-up of "local" presenters, Melissa LyonCarl White and Ray d'Cruz, together with live streams by co-founder Ron Baker, Fellows Michelle Golden and Reginald Tomas Lee, will ensure attendees have access to some of the smartest people I know.

About the Verasage Symposium

As many of you will know the VeraSage Symposium is the biennial gathering of the Founders, Fellows & Guests of the VeraSage Institute; an international think tank dedicated to challenging professionals to break free of practice methods that marginalise their professions, undermine their purposes and fail their customers.

What to Expect at Verasage Downunder

Across 3 days of presentations, workshops and interactive events, we will each share our experiences and knowledge and work together to explore ways to move forward and advance practices and pricing skills.

As I have stated before this is a truly unique event in that it is rare to find so much knowledge and wisdom in one place, at one time. We all have the chance to sit in the same room and participate in innovative, diverse, mind-blowing sessions that will truly transform practices. 

I want to personally thank in advance, not only the VeraSage Founders and Fellows for making the long haul to Oz, but also those attendees travelling from places such as the USA, the UK, the Middle East, Singapore, the Netherlands, Russia and of course closer to home, New Zealand. Plus I shouldn't forget all those making the trek from Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and regional Australia.

Bring it on.


Article image courtesy of Steve Simpson (Greatest Show on Earth)

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