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Partner Performance & Compensation

John Chisholm Consulting - Partner Performance & Compensation

How partners are “fairly” compensated financially is an important consideration for any firm’s wellbeing and culture.

In today’s competitive environment, the pressure to perform is significant and seemingly relentless; especially if you are a Partner or owner of a firm. Dealing with both underperforming and overperforming Partners can be a nightmare in some firms, particularly if there is no ability to address it in a timely and objective way.

I have several years of experience in advising on Partner performance and compensation structures. I work with firms to assist them define partner performance standards and will help you select a partner compensation model that is best for your firm; whether it be an equal profit share, a stepped model or one of the myriad of other hybrid compensation models available.

As an independent and objective advisor, my expertise is also used by some firms to facilitate or chair Remuneration Committee meetings and assist in the conduct their Partner performance reviews.

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