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In-House Future Leaders Program

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they employ
already motivated people and inspire them.” 
Simon Sinek

Succession is one of the greatest challenges facing professional firms today and the war for talent is getting harder and harder. The better firms now put an incredible amount of work into trying to develop their internal talent.

Although many Senior Associates & Managers aspire to become Partners or a business owner one day, there is often a lack of knowledge on their part about what actually makes someone who may be technically very good, an effective Partner.

I work with senior professionals to help them understand what they need to do to differentiate themselves from their peers and to ensure that they are leaders of the firm tomorrow.

By taking the time to understand the firm’s strategy and the particular needs of the group, I am able to tailor a program that is relevant, meets the firm’s objectives and is also interactive, challenging and engaging.

I have conducted Future Leaders retreats, extended programs, regular one-on-one coaching and group mentoring sessions for many professional firms. Whilst tailored to suit the firm and its particular circumstances these programs have included topics such as:

  • Leading effectively
  • People management
  • Profit drivers and financial hygiene
  • Client relationship skills
  • Value creation - understanding what clients want
  • Pricing with confidence
  • Maximising business development potential

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