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Firm Reviews - A "Health" Check

John Chisholm Consulting - Firm Reviews - A "Health" Check

Clients and team members alike will often shy away from directly voicing their honest opinions about the firm and/or its people due to a number of reasons, including:

  • relationships with the firm or individual people within the firm;
  • their level of engagement; and/or
  • a lack of trust or concerns (either imagined or the result of past experience) over possible consequences.

Without the opportunity to communicate and address issues that might be affecting them, dissatisfied clients or unhappy team members often consider their only alternative, which is sadly often taken, is to leave.

I undertake reviews of a firm’s internal and external health and business strategies which often includes meeting with a firm’s key internal personnel and their key clients.

My understanding approach, ability to ensure opinions remain confidential and my independence from a firm means stakeholders feel they are able to trust me with their honest thoughts and opinions, more so than they could by confiding in someone internally or by filling in a survey.

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