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Client Selection & Stategy

John Chisholm Consulting - Client Selection & Stategy

When it comes to your firm’s clients, who do you say ‘no” to?

Many professionals adopt a “I have never met a billable hour I don’t like yet” approach, and consequently they work for clients that are not good for the firm and, in many cases the firm is not good for these clients. Some clients can have a negative impact on a firm’s reputation, team and/or a firm’s bottom line.

The better firms realise that all clients are not the same. They have client selection criteria and focus their attention on clients they want; clients who value them and that the firm can add value to. They have the courage to say “no” to work they don’t want.

I assist professional firms define their service offering and core competencies, develop client selection/deselection criteria and analyse how they can best meet the needs of both their existing clients and the potential clients they desire.

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