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Business Models & Governance

We are fortunate, especially in Australia, to live in an environment and in times where there are so many options available to firms as to how they can structure, govern and manage themselves.

I have advised firms on the range of alternative business models available to them and assisted in the selection and transition to a model which is better able to deliver effective outcomes to their stakeholders.

The traditional partnership model is no longer the only choice and in many respects this business model is outdated and irrelevant to serve even the current, let alone the future needs of many firms. The management and governance structure of a firm is its backbone and it is vital that your firm’s structure enables effective business performance and is helping, rather than hindering, the achievement of the firm’s goals.

In reality, every firm’s structure is different, however all structures have some common essential elements including:

  • Partners’ relationships with their team members and with each other;
  • the provision of career paths and opportunities for progression;
  • accountability and decision making processes;
  • change management; and
  • the process through which a firm develops and maintains its intellectual capital.

I help firms identify elements of their current management and governance structures which might be interfering with performance and recommend solutions or alternatives which will enable the firm to better achieve their long and short term goals.

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